Our school follows the vision of wellness. Towards that vision, we promote a culture that includes the following:

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  • Providing our students with high-quality, nutritious meals and regular physical activity to build strong bodies and minds.
  • All students can make healthy choices for themselves and their communities when they have equitable access to education and diverse options.
  • Follow the guidelines of the .

Community Kitchen & Bistro 

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The Community Kitchen and Bistro are the meal hub for our school. The kitchen team prepares breakfast, lunch, snacks for all students and staff. They also provide catering services to the community. As a teaching kitchen, DC Bilingual also provides culinary education and professional development opportunities in Spanish and English to community members throughout the year. 

DC Bilingual lunch menus follow the federal guidelines set by the and are in compliance with the . We are a proud participant in OSSE’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) which provides a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthy snack option and nutrition education and community partnership, with the goal of introducing healthy, local practices at an early age that may lead to life-long healthy eating habits.

Culinary and Gardening Education

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DC Bilingual is proud to care for one of the largest school gardens in the city, which includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, pollinator habitats, a koi pond, and a community compost. With support from the , DC Bilingual built a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, called the Food Lab, which is used for culinary education for students and bilingual workshops and training for families and members of the community outside of school hours. 

These experiences are made possible by our culinary and gardening educator, a FoodCorps service member, and various community volunteers. The program guides our curriculum for students and adults and it builds the capacity for growing the impact of our program.

Family Food Markets

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In partnership with , the Community Kitchen & Bistro transforms into a family food market where visitors may stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a variety of pantry items.

When possible, DC Bilingual staff offer tastings and meal demonstrations using the items featured at the market. The market is available at no cost to participants.


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