About the Program

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In response to observations throughout the global pandemic, The Hive integrates socio-emotional learning into all aspects of the program using the same curriculum as the academic program.

Above all, we strive to ensure every student feels comfortable, safe, and a sense of belonging when they attend the Hive.


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Outdoor Exploration and Play!
For students to become global LEADers, we believe they must build a strong connection with their natural environment and learn to care for it and each other.

Each year the Hive offers clubs based on student interests to help create a greater sense of belonging amongst peers. In the past successful clubs included activities like dance, step, fashion design, cooking, and theater.


The Hive will offer a co-ed soccer club for all students in Kindergarten to 5th grade to encourage teamwork, learn new skills, and physical activity. Hive leadership will announce the starting date for soccer soon.

Flexible Scheduling!
Families have the option of choosing what days their child can attend the Hive.

Non Academic Day Programming!
The Hive offers separate full day & half day programming on non academic days such as Family Teacher Conferences, Data Days, etc. An announcement will be made by Hive leadership when enrollment for non academic days are open!

Hours of Operation:

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Early Drop Off:
Monday-Friday from 7:30-7:55am

After School:
Monday-Thursday from 4-6:00pm, Friday from 1-6:00pm

Other programming includes half and full day programming on professional development days and camps for winter, spring, and summer breaks. Information for these special programs will be shared throughout the school year.

Pricing Structure:

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DC Bilingual strongly believes all students should be able to access extended day programming. As such, pricing is offered in three tiers: full tuition, reduced tuition, and scholarships. For a pricing example for the current school year, please review our .


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Families can enroll in the Hive Extended Day Program via the .


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